Friday, July 15, 2011

*First Meet of My Guru

-Srimath Swami Chidbhavananda.

          As a novice fresh from college, I had joined the Ramakrishna Order in March 1923. Swami Akhilananda of Sri Ramakrishna Math at Madras was then my guide. He escorted me from Madras to the Belur Math. On the way, at Bhuvaneswar, we had broken our journey with the object of participating in the opening ceremony of the newly started Sri Ramakrishna Math in that place. There, I was introduced to Sri Mahapurushji Maharaj, the second President of the Order. He accepted me as disciple and initiated me. From Bhuvaneswar we then proceeded to the Belur Math, the headquarters of the Order. Swami Akhilananda was sparing no pains in getting me fixed in the new surrounding. Every day he was taking me to the places and centres all connected with Guru Maharaj’s earthly career.

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